Best Chicken Breed For Free Range /best breeds for beginners
free range chicken

Best Chicken Breed For Free Range /best breeds for beginners

Best chicken breed for beginners

Poultry farming is one of the current and profitable agri-business ventures one can venture into with sure profitability if done right, For beginners with no experience and low capital or with little capital to spend always face many challenges from breed selection, housing, and fees for hiring consultant and expert. in view of such challenges, many farmers just invest in the business with little to no knowledge about it and hence fail due to ignorance.

So if you are inexperienced and have little capital to start with then continue reading this post as I will show you the best chicken breeds for beginners. It’s proven that 94 % of new farmers face this one challenge about the breed to choose from.

In order to reduce your risk and chances of failure as a new poultry farmer the breeds of chickens, you may choose from play an important role.

Therefore, I made this post to guide you decide on the breed of chicken suitable for your needs as an inexperienced poultry and backyard farmer looking for productive and good breeds to start with in order to gain experience and make a good profit.

There are some breeds of chicken such l,isa brown,hyline etc meant to be kept in the intensive system because of their nature so if you keep those chickens extensively without the right attention and protection you may end up losing all your birds within a day. let us avoid it !!

So today am going to show to you the best quality and strong breeds to choose from for your free-range chickens’ farm.

In this article, I will shed light on the breeds available in the country and their qualities so that farmers can make informed decisions on the best type of breed they can keep to get good returns by making the best choice from the various breeds in the market.

These breeds are great for both meat and egg production. These chickens breed have a high-quality feed conversion ratio, feed conversion ratio is the ability of the chicken to make useful nutrients valuable and also they are highly tolerant to extreme temperatures

more also, these chicken breeds can also be highly tolerant to most chicken diseases and have the ability to scavenge to supplement their lost or required micro nutrients that are lacking in their feed if they are allowed in free-range systems.

Is Free Range sustainable farming?

Free-range farming is an extensive poultry farming system where the birds are allowed to roam and exercise their natural behaviors, as these chickens have fewer restrictions and control to keep them protected and safe from other predators and disease-causing organisms.

The numerous advantage in breeding these chickens include the low cost of operating and feeding, little input of labor, chickens are very healthy as compared to conventionally breed ones free-range chickens are very rich in antioxidants and have more natural yellow yolks than the conventionally feed ones

Another icing on the cake is chickens raised in a free-range natural environment attract higher prices. Which also accounts for high profitability for the farmer.

Therefore, free-range chicken farming is more sustainable and hence contributes to protecting the climate and the natural environment.

At this time, let’s discuss some selected improved breeds of chickens ideal to be used for free-range farming and backyard yard farming instead of exotic breeds or local breeds As these hybrids birds have improved and high performance.

Best Hybrid chickens for commercial free range farming and backyard

Hybrids are stains of chickens obtained by crossing pure breeds with local chickens and sometimes crossing of two pure breeds Mostly hybrids of chickens are developed from carefully selected good traits such as good laying ability, quick maturity period, high disease tolerance etc.


kuroiler chicken

1.Kuroiler breed is an improved hybrid breed from India, derived from crossing colored broiler males with Rhode Island Red females and produce both eggs and meat(Dual purpose), The Kuroiler is a chicken breed with a good scavenger ability that is good for both laying and meat purpose. so its mostly referred to as Dual-purpose.

These chickens can lay about 150-180 per year. The Kuroiler breed is highly resistant to most chickens disease but its always advisable to vaccinate your chickens against at least three disease New castle, chicken fowl and chicken pox.
These chicken breed are very adaptable to the local environment include too cold or hot weather.

2.Noiler breed

free range chicken breed

Noiler breed of chicken is another great hybrid bird that was developed to serve as a broiler with high qualities to adapt to a harsh Africa environment. With the success of these breeds originated from Nigeria is also good if you considering free-range farming for meat only purpose, these breeds have local survival ability but have meat which is also very mild but a bit tender than the exotic breed, Noiler chicken matures at 3 months old and fully grown for premium prices at 4.5 months.

3.Ken Bro or Kienyeji breed/Kari

free range chicken breed
kenya chicken breed

As their name shows( Kenya) is an improved breed from Kenya. These breeds were crossed by the local and exotic breed of chicken to produce this high-quality breed with dual-purpose and fast growth potential. They also lay more big brown eggs and lays more than 200 eggs per year.

4.Rhoda island red

free range chicken breed

Is a hybrid breed of chicken very popular for its distinct characteristics ,its also hybrid chicken breed crossed with a malay and brown leghorn from italy,its was developed in the united states of America.this breed of chicken is excellent and reliable layer with the ability to lay about 260 brown eggs per year.

This chicken is also very hard and great for any environment such as sun and rain,summer or snow.So rearing this breed on commercial free range is cheaper and highly profitable.They are dual purpose breeds that can weight about 3 kgs to 3.5 kgs within 6 months.


Leghorn chickens are hybrid produced in the united states despite their country of origin being cold, they are originated from Italy. These hybrids chickens have many great characteristics that make rearing them in the tropical a success. These are white chickens with bright wattles and lays a great number of white-colored eggs from 250-270 per annum


breed of chickens for free range
sussex chicken

Is a dual-purpose hybrid of chicken that can lay about 250 eggs a year and also can be great for meat purposes.It originated from Britain. it’s great for free-range chicken farming and has all the abilities and characteristics of great chicken.

7.Plymouyh rock

chicken breed for free range farming

Plymouth Rock is a hybrid chicken that thrills well in a tropical African land. It lays about 280 large brown eggs per year. Its gaining popularity in the Ghanaian market recently due to its great traits and profitability. Its feed conversion ratio is so good that its makes useful use of every little feed it consumes. it’s hardy and high resistance to disease.

The general rule of thumb is when selecting chickens for free range and other backyard chickens ,i will advise you go for the hybrid breeds,

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