Simple Hack To multiply Your Local chickens Quickly.
kuroiler free range poultry farm in ghana

Simple Hack To multiply Your Local chickens Quickly.

Do you want the best way to increase the number of chickens really quickly?

This post is for small beginners poultry farmers who have limited financial capacity but have a great passion for financial freedom and poultry farming. You don’t need to worry about the big shanks anymore

With a well explain diagram am going to show you simple ways to get plenty of chicken within a few months by starting small with as little as three chickens or you can increase the number of chickens if you wanted to see great multiplication of your local chickens

This proven formula can work for both already existence farmers looking to multiply their local chickens or free-range chickens quickly.

Is Local chicken farming profitable?

Yes, building a free-range chicken or local chicken farm is a profitable business investment you can make. Local chickens attract good prices while rearing them is less costly, Theses chickens can feed on their own.

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It doesn’t matter your situation, start with what you have and focus on your big dream, If Darko farms started with one hen and now is a big shank in the poultry industry in Ghana you can also and become a successful poultry farmer in Ghana

For new farmers am going to show how to save money and make great returns on your investment while you also increase the number of your local or free-range chickens fast.

Before then, I guess you are motivated and gingered to start your free-range chicken. In my previous articles, I elaborate on a few things concerning why you must start a poultry farm.

5 Solid Evidence why You must start a chicken farm in Africa

I elaborate on five important reasons why the youth must start a farm in any part of the continent. For the sake of clarity, I will list them below to encourage you on your journey to building a great empire

The Five reasons why you must start a poultry farm in Africa include:

  1. There is high demand for poultry products(Market availability)

2. Farmers are producing under capacity meaning farmers are unable to meet demand ( demand exceed supply and hence reliance on imported chicken)

3.The population growth curve of the continent is on an upwards slope(meaning the population is on the raise and the need to feed ourselves and our future generations.

4. There is a necessity placed on us to produce food for ourselves ( African countries imported $ 35 billion of food including chickens and expected to increase in 2025 to $ 110 billion).
5. To eliminate hunger and poverty we the (youth) must farm.

How to Save Money on Your free-range poultry farm

The three best ways to save money on poultry farming business are:

  • Do It Yourself: You can find great plans or ideas online, with regards to the feeder, drinkers, and nesting boxes that may save you a lot on a DIY project
  • Buy your own materials and Use locally available materials such as bamboo, water bottles, old car tires as chicken nests
  • Most importantly formulate your own feed and grow your feeds. Feeding cost is the most important factor to consider if starting your own free-range poultry

How to Multiply Local chickens

At this time, I will explain to you in simple diagrams on how to multiply chickens
Some times incubators may be expensive to get by, this simple tip can help you increase your chicks by twice the number as to compared to allowing them to go through the process with few eggs to sett

How to multiply local quickly

Step 1.

Hen A has laid 7 eggs and is ready to set

Step 2.

The second hen is also laying and has laid 6 eggs.

Step 3

what you will do is that you can add all the 6 eggs to the first hen making 13.

In this case, your hen will brood on 13 eggs and some chickens will hatch all.

So making this simple trick, your chickens will quickly multiply the number of chicks per month cycle.

Its should be noted that the brooding hen is capable of hatching from 10-14 eggs at the same time depending on the size of the hen but there is nothing to fear about.80-90% hatchability

How to obtain high output and 6 to 7 cycles of chicks per year

In most cases, a hen will hatch an average of 3-4 times a year only. In order to multiply your chickens, you need to produce 6-7 cycles of chicks production cycle per year,

The breeding practice you must follow is illustrated below

How to multiply local chicken

Steps to follow

  1. Keep mother hen with her chicks In a separate small cage for two weeks. (15 days or even 10 days)

    2. Chicks should be free from mother hen after two weeks or 10 days to a brooder house and provide quality feed and clean drinking water.

    3. Within a few weeks after separation from the chicks, your hen will be back to single and ready to mingle and soon start laying again.

Repeat the process and your chicks will multiply within a year your amazement

NB: When cold extra heat should be clay pot with charcoal inside or electric lamp to warm the chicks up. Charcoal must be free from wood particles or smoke.

How to care for chicks under 10 days old

Chicks need good care and proper management practices or else they will die of cold. They need an average temperature of 23 ℃

a. Provide quality commercial starter feed to your chicks which must contain between 20% protein for the next 15 days.

b.Bedding should be prepared in the brooder house or a simple cage made with local materials is ideal and ok to be used as a brooder house.

c.Spread out woodshavings or rice hush on the surface of the bedding.

.bedding can be from made feeds-sacks, Jute sack,cardboard,newspaper pond layers show below.

local bamboo chicken cage for local free range chicken in ghana

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