Profitable Livestock Business You Can Start with Small Capital

Profitable Livestock Business To start: A simple (But complete)guide

Whether you’re kicking around a business idea or working at a job that doesn’t pay. Its never too late to start thinking about growth and changing the narratives

What is micro livestock in the first place?

Micro-livestock’s are a group of Small animals with great potential for wealth creation, that’s how someones define what micro livestock means,

To be precise and concise micro livestock is the term given to small animals such as rabbit, guinea pigs, quail, pigeon, guinea fowl, snails, grasscutter, rat, honey bees, guinea pigs, etc all these animals require little space and land to rear them

Why micro livestock Business ?

1. They are a profitable livestock business and requires less capital and space to raise them.

Not only space requirement but also the returns on their investment is equally and most times higher than the macro livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens which require a lot of land space to breed

2.Have high Protein content

Besides, micro-livestock such as rabbit, grasscutter, snail, guinea fowl, quail are highly nutritious food sources that attract premium prices and with higher demands. Their meats are considered lean meat.


In addition to that, these small animals are very hardy and thus rearing them too require less attention and medication but as a livestock farmer the general rule ”Attention to your livestock is key to your success

4.Its bits of help in solving the food security challenge

Generally, urbanization is on the massive increase with high growth in urban population, as a result, hunger and malnutrition are on the rise worldwide and the growing demand for food within the urban population cant be disputed so investing in farming to meet those demand is the wisest pursuit

With this in mind, Let’s get into the lucrative or profitable livestock business one can start under the following species that will help you alleviate poverty and create a long-lasting business niche for yourself with little capital. While contributing to the global food security and economic development of the country

6 Awesome Profitable livestock business you can start with little capital

1.Quail farming

Small profitable business to start with little capital in ghana

Quails have been around us since the beginning of creation, in biblical times, quails are the meats God feed the Israelites, and again Muslims scriptures in the Quran also supports the consumption of quail meat in their text.

Their early maturity and small nature make them a profitable livestock business for individuals with little money and also large numbers can be raised in a very small space of land.

They lay more eggs about 160-300 the first year and have a shorter maturity period. Quails only take only 2 months to maturity and ready for laying and consumption.

They are very hardy little creatures and eggs have good nutritional properties with healthy benefits and low colosterium.which makes quail have a great market. Check out the prices of quail eggs per crate and decide

2.Guinea fowl

Profitable livestock business  to start with small capital

One of the most self-reliant of all domestic birds is the guinea fowl. It will surprise you to know that guinea fowls originated from Africa but are being raised in commercial quantities in Europe while in Ghana guinea fowl farming is left to subsistence farmers who produce less then the quantity demanded

Evidently, they have a higher market value and profitability than chickens. Guinea fowls are very hardy to any environment and also have very high disease resistance.
farming these birds will save the farmer a lot on feeding expenses as they are natural to scratching a living out of the dirt, dust, debris, and they mostly feed on insects during scratching for food.

They lay a large number of eggs per year and their meat taste great which everyone loves to taste and consume. One guinea fowl can be sold for Gh¢50.

3.Pigeon Farming

Profitable livestock business you can start with little capital

Pigeon is also great investment to add to one’s list of poultry farming birds. These birds also forage and look for their food as wide as they can go but return home.

Therefore adding them to other birds already on the farm is a great investment. Although, in Ghana, the meat of these birds are eaten occasionally and for most religious purposes.

commercial farming is less encouraging as demand is not developed or predictable and moreover daily consumption is not part of the culture. as it is in the middle east pigeon is used in their cooking and has a higher value than in Ghana.

Generally,pigeon are used to signify a symbol of victory in Ghana

4.Rabbit Breeding

Profitable livestock business for  small  beginers.

Rabbits like chickens have vast possibilities which is currently been introduced into our diet.
Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha.

They have long ears and many eye colors depending on the breed. There are many varieties of rabbit breeds in the world. They produce large numbers of young and have a shorter gestation period of about 28-33 days and mature from 3-5 months.

One female rabbit( doe) can produce about 1-12 young’s per parturition and feed mainly on fiber or grass or other commercial pellets which will enhance their performance.

starting a rabbit farm requires less space and capital. Rabbit farming is a very profitable livestock business you can start with little capital

5.Grasscutter Farming

profitable livestock business  you can start with little  capital in Ghana

In west Africa grasscutter meat is the chief meat It grows big and very fast too. Grasscutter is one of the biggest rodents in Africa. A fully mature female or male that is ready for the market weighs between 3.5kg for the female and 4.5kg for the male.

While measuring 45cm to 60cm in body length. The standing height is between 25 to 30cm. The body size of a fully grown male is about the size of a nine inches

A good number of Grasscutter is consumed yearly in Ghana but most of them still come from the bush or wild, through hunters who go into the bush to hunt for them but usually not easy to catch, making the animal meat very scarce in the market

Grasscutter farming is a lucrative livestock business for small farmers as it requires less space and has great returns on investment as that of a cow.

Grasscutter produces twice in a year and can produce like that of a rabbit while grasscutter produces twice in the year rabbits do more than that if not controlled.

Feeding them is not expensive as they eat mainly green grass and there is a high demand for grasscutter meat in Ghana and abroad.

Grasscutter farming is a very profitable livestock business you can start with very little capital but it takes about 8 months to a year for it to gain marketable value.

6.Snail Farming

Profitable livestock business  with small capital
African snail

Snail farming falls under the micro livestock farming .its a very lucrative Livestock business but mainly looked down upon.

There is a huge demand for snail in the world market by the cosmetic industry and some European countries like France consumed a lot of snail meat.

Morever,, Starting a snail farm requires absolutely low capital investment. Although snails take a longer time to mature its a very profitable livestock business.

Feeding snails is one easy thing to do as they feed on market waste ( fruits and vegetables)and anything you eat and their feeding is not expensive.

But remember one thing No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow” and” hurry-haste has no blessing”-An African proverb

”He who does not seize opportunity today will be unable to seize tomorrow’s opportunity and you must attend to your business with the vendor in the market and not the noise of the market-think of it”.Africa proverb

Another micro livestock business with higher returns is the beekeeping. Because of its technicalities and complex nature. It requires skills and creating great packaging and branding for the international market is a great investment to explore.

I believe you will take action and share to enlighten and awaken some one by sharing. Have a great day

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